Costa Rica Athlete Wins Gold

Leonardo Chacon Corrales True Olympic Athlete

Leonardo Chacon Corrales Olympics 2012What started as a normal race day for two athletes , a Costa Rican and a Canadian turned into a nightmare and the end of an Olympic dream for both athletes. The story could end right there but it didn’t. Despite the agony of defeat, Leonardo Chacon Corrales, an upcoming Costa Rican athlete took the experience and with the power of the Internet told the world what the Olympics is all about and in the spirit of the Olympics is a true Olympian, winning a Gold in the hearts of everyone in the world.

For those who are not familiar with what happened, Simon Whitfield a triathlete from Canada had just finished the swim portion of the race and was continuing on the next leg which was the bike ride portion. While trying to get oriented on the bike, Mr. Whitfield hit a speed bump in the course which resulted in him crashing and in all the fury, Costa Rica triathlete Leonardo Chacon Corrales crashed as well. Two dreams shattered within seconds. For both the opportunity to win a medal, complete a goal ended. For Simon Whitfield of Canada it was the end of the hunt for another Olympic medal. For Leonardo Chacon Corrales it was the end of his first Olympic experience. At the age of 27, Leonardo has dreamed of participating in the Olympics, watching Whitfield experience success in the Sydney games winning a gold medal.

Costa Rican Leonardo Chacon Corrales Takes To Facebook

The story could have ended right there, two Olympic dreams shattered. For Leonardo Chacon Corrales, that was not acceptable and in a move showing the true spirit of what the Olympics are all about, Mr. Corrales expressed his concern and admiration for Whitfield which has gone viral. Using Facebook to express his feelings, Leonardo Chacon Corrales wrote a heartfelt message to Whitfield. You can read the full text at https://www.facebook.com/simonwhitfieldtriathlon/posts/10151149230216265?notif_t=feed_comment

The post exemplifies the true Olympic spirit that forms when athletes come together to celebrate sport. Despite their different cultures and successes, the Olympics show a true sense of spirit and connect between athletes. Mr. Chacon Corrales could have taken a different approach, one of disappointment and anger but instead he took the positive approach. His expression of concern and hopefulness for the future is truly remarkable given that his Olympic dreams were shattered. Leonardo Chacon Corrales exemplifies what the Olympics is truly about. Congratulations Leonardo. You have won a gold medal in the hearts of many around the world. Costa Rica should be proud! Pura Vida Leonardo!


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