Lady Gaga Costa Rica Bound?

Rumors Circulating Lady Gaga Concert Set For November

Costa Rica Lady GagaCould it be true,  Lady Gaga will perform in Costa Rica in November? What a great opportunity that will be to have the pop sensation visit Costa Rica. With no official confirmation from the Gaga team yet, fans in Costa Rica will have to just sit tight and see what happens.

The National Stadium officials recently let the cat out of the bag and confirmed that the Stadium had reserved potentially three days in early November for Lady Gaga but that none of the dates were officially confirmed. Perhaps the concert opportunity is part of a bigger picture – a tour of Latin America, similar to that of other artists such as Miley Cyrus and Marc Anthony who recently included Costa Rica as part of their Latin American tours.

Lady Gaga was born in 1986 and her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelian Germanotta and was raised in New York City. She began performing as a singer in Manhattan’s lower east side and in 2007 was signed by Streamline Records. Her singing skills were quickly noticed by Akon, another American pop artist and he in turn signed her to his label, Kon Live Distribution.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour Bound For Costa Rica

Lady Gaga quickly rose to the top of pop sensation with her first album, The Fame which was released in 2008. The album topped the charts around the world with hits such as “Poker Face”. The album’s success led to Lady Gaga’s first tour, The Fame Ball Tour and another successful album release, The Fame Monster, released in 2009 which generated such hits as “Telephone” and “Bad Romance”. The album’s release also resulted in one of the highest financially grossing concert tours, the Monster Ball Tour.

Lady Gaga’s most recent album release Born This Way in 2011 has generated the most successful international hit songs including “Born This Way” and “The Edge of Glory”. In addition to her musical talents, Ms. Gaga has been known for her flamboyant and sometimes strange fashion choices. Her controversial “egg” costumes and “meat dress” have brought this girl from New York more fame and fortune than she will every know what to do with. She was recently named as one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

It will be a great opportunity for Costa Rica if Lady Gaga does confirm her concert date. Unlike Indonesia whose radical Muslim community recently threatened her concerts with violence resulting in cancellation of the concert, Costa Rica will be nothing but Pura Vida for Lady Gaga. For now, Costa Rica fans will just have to sit tight and see what date is confirmed for Lady Gaga to play in Costa Rica!


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