Paul Watson Not Going To Costa Rica Yet

U.S. Celebrities Rally Around Paul Watson

Costa Rica MacGyver

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YouTube is buzzing with celebrities supporting Paul Watson’s hesitation to be extradited to Costa Rica for fear of being a target for Taiwanese shark-fin mafia.  One celebrity, Richard Dean Anderson, known to many as MacGyver has thrown his support to prevent the extradition of the Sea Sheppard captain to Costa Rica.  If anyone can help Paul Watson in Costa Rica, MacGyver certainly can!

MacGyver was the central character of the American action-adventure television show by the same name. The series ran from 1985 to 1992 and featured actor Richard Dean Anderson who was a secret agent who managed to get out of sticky situations without violence. His speciality was creating escapes, capturing the enemy and saving the world all by using everyday materials including his Swiss Army knife and the almighty duct tape. All kidding aside, perhaps there is an opportunity to an amicable situation involving all parties.

MacGyver Supports Paul Watson

Perhaps in his opposition to Paul Watson’s extradition to Costa Rica,  Richard Dean Anderson can resurge his character MacGyver and diffuse the situation between in shark fin mafia and Mr. Watson. Perhaps a truce could be negotiated using some of the secret agent’s famous duct tape. Better yet, perhaps MacGyver can escort Mr. Watson to Costa Rica and keep him safe. The possibilities are endless for this super human man who could create solutions from nothing.

Putting all kidding aside, activists such as Pamela Anderson and Bob Barker who are know for their PETA association have also voiced their concerns regarding Mr. Watson’s extradition to Costa Rica. YouTube features video clips of Pamela Anderson and even Bob Barker (the eternal host of the Price is Right) expressing their concern for Paul Watson’s safety and requesting his release.

As many high profile situations are played out in the media, this story will surely run its course as well. In the meantime, we will wait and see who else will join the support team for Captain Watson. Costa Rica, this is a very political situation and hopefully the resolution will be one of peace and consideration for all parties involved. Costa Rica continues to voice its commitment to a fair trail. What remains to be confirmed is how Costa Rica will protect Mr. Watson against the potential threat to his safety. Maybe a consultation with MacGyver is in order. Imagine what the secret agent can do in bio diverse Costa Rica!


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