Costa Rica Has Rock And Roll Weekend

Several Earthquakes Rock Costa Rica

Costa Rica EathquakesIt was quite the weekend for Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast which experienced a series of low magnitude earthquakes which has left the region on shaky ground wondering if the next one will be the big one. With a recorded 10 earthquakes since Friday and a total of 4 on Sunday June 3, 2012, Costa Rica’s earthquake activity is creating some on edge nerves amongst the inhabitants of the Pacific Coast.

The tremors recorded on Sunday ranged from 2.6 in the early morning to a recorded 6.0 magnitude by late evening. All of the earthquake’s epicenter’s were located approximately 425 kms south of Puerto La Playa in Golfito epicenter located 428 kilometers south of Puerto La Playa in Golfito, province of Puntarenas. Despite the origins on the ocean floor, no tsunami alerts were issued. The magnitude 5.3 which occurred at 6:45 pm was felt in Heredia, Alejuala and many more communities in the region. The tremors origin was located between the tectonic plates of Nazca and Coco in the Panama Fracture Zone. The last tremor at 9:15 pm with a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter scale was registered by the United States Geological Survey and was felt by several regions. The epicenter was traced to be 9km south of Panama.

It’s The Green Season, Not Earthquake Season In Costa Rica

Despite the activity on the weekend, no reports of injury or damage was recorded. Costa Rica’s OVSICORI which records earthquake activity can be accessed at http://www.ovsicori.una.ac.cr/ The site lists the size and location of  earthquake activity recorded in Costa Rica. You can also visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OVSICORI   The weekend may have been a bit shaky in Costa Rica but what everyone is worrying about is the possibility of the big one striking and its subsequent damage. Although Ticos are used to tremors, rock and roll, this past weekend may have been a little bit too much, even for the seasoned Tico.

For now, Costa Rica will have to sit tight and hope that recent activity is just that, the plates just adjusting, moving around to get more comfortable rather than to start something.  Although the comment is a bit tongue and cheek, let’s hope that this recent activity does not lead to a serious earthquake for Costa Rica. It’s the rainy season in Costa Rica, isn’t that enough punishment for this beautiful country!


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