Costa Rica Never The Same After Housewives

Housewives of Orange County Embark On Costa Rica

Costa Rica Housewives Of Orange CountyIt was bound to happen. Another reality television show has made beautiful Costa Rica its backdrop for fights, drama and a show of how stupid these shows are becoming. Fortunately for Costa Rica they are used to some strange creatures so when the Housewives of Orange County landed in Costa Rica, nobody seemed to really flinch. After all the country is quite ecologically diverse, what harm are five species from Orange County?

The episode began with one of the women, Alex Bellino thinking that Costa Rica was in Mexico. Has this woman never Googled anything in her life? The only connection to both Countries is that there is a common language – Spanish. Really if you are going on a trip, wouldn’t you be interested in where you are going or is it part of the TV schtick and you really don’t care! Could this have been the beginning of the end for this character who seemed to have been on the hot seat for the whole episode.

Nonsense aside, why bother spending the money to fly everyone out, cast and crew, if in this case, Costa Rica and its surrounding beauty is only there as a setting for outfit changes, bickering and poor conversation. In this instance, the episode was nothing more than the same except that it had the beautiful set of Costa Rica behind it. Let’s face it, that episode could have been shot anywhere!

Costa Rica’s beauty is truly an incentive for TV producers, specifically those in the reality game to use it as a backdrop for their shows. NBC shot their first season of Love in the Wild in Costa Rica as did MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The most famous or infamous Reality Show however was I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here which saw the former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich asked for permission from a U.S. Federal Judge to participate in the Reality Show. Did this guy just want to become famous or was he dying to see the sights and sounds of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Reality Show Central

In addition to reality based shows, Costa Rica has been the backdrop for many nature shows. Somehow we seem to forget those and focus on the ones that are unreal, filled with nonsense and just bad television viewing. It is unfortunate that human nature enjoys a good train wreck. The only thing good about this type of television is that it brings business to Costa Rica and enables those who work in the television and film industry in this country to be employed. For the Housewives of Orange County, a little bit of advise, stop the bickering and smell the orchids – it will probably be the only opportunity you’ll ever have to see such beauty and experience some of the best things that life has to offer – besides clothing, expensive purses and your hairstyles and make up secrets. Live Pura Vida Housewives!


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