Costa Rica President Meets Pope

President Chincilla Has Audience With Pope

Costa Rica Pope Benedict Earlier this week, Costa Rica President Laura Chincilla had the honor to meet with the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI in Rome as part of her official European visit which will also include stops in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. The tour is an initiative by President Chincilla to attract investment to Costa Rica.

During her audience with the Pope, it is believed that the President discussed issues including when life begins, and for Catholics, that is the moment of conception. Ideas on how to strengthen relations between Costa Rica and the Vatican were also discussed. It is believed that the President was also to discuss issues including supporting the Church through taxes, public education and labor relations with priests in her country.  Recently in Costa Rica, the courts lifted an injunction against one of its radio networks, Radio Fides over its airing of spots defending human life and criticizing in vitro fertilization as a violation of human dignity.The meeting behind closed doors appeared to have lasted about 20 minutes.

The Vatican released a statement following the visit of the Costa Rican President indicating the following,

“During their cordial discussions the parties highlighted the good relations that exist between the Holy See, the local Church and the State, expressing the hope that they may be strengthened by an Agreement respectful of the identity of the country and of the healthy autonomy and collaboration between civil and ecclesiastical authorities. Mention was then made of the special contribution the Church makes through her educational, social and charitable institutions. Finally attention turned to the importance of continuing to protect the fundamental dignity of human beings, from the moment of conception”

Pope Benedict Acknowledges Costa Rica Peace Initiatives

The Catholic faith is dominant in Costa Rica with approximately 90% of its population being Catholic. Despite dominating the faith sector, the relationship between State and Church in Costa Rica is not strong. During her visit with the Pope, this relationship was most likely discussed, with the hope of improvement for the future.

Despite one’s religious beliefs or practices, meeting with Pope Benedict XVI is not only a honor but an event that President Chincilla will never forget as part of her Presidency. As for the Pope, he expressed his admiration of Costa Rica and its people for valuing peace and environmental protection. Enjoy Pura Vida Pope Benedict. Costa Rica needs a visit from his Holiness!


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