Costa Rican Reaches Everest Summit

First Costa Rican To Reach The Top Of Everest

Costa Rica Mount EverestDespite delays, traffic, deaths, poor weather, the ultimate success has been achieved by Warner Rojas, the first Costa Rican to scale Mount Everest! The dream for this Tico has now become a reality and all Costa Ricans should be proud of this phenomenal achievement! Congratulations Warner Rojas for reaching the top of Mount Everest!

The team also experienced some difficulties, including an injured sherpa who was hit by a piece of falling ice. Luckily for the guide, he was not killed, given the conditions of the face of the mountain. It is believed that the change in climate conditions that have been experience across the world have also affected Mount Everest, which saw unusually high winds and ice melts, resulting in unfavorable climbing conditions.

Costa Rican Journey To Mt. Everest Successful

The windy conditions made Mr. Rojas’ ascent onto the peak of Mt. Everest longer even though the general weather conditions were quite acceptable. In addition to keeping his followers informed, Mr. Rojas left his electronics behind at Camp 2 of the summit, citing that the extra weight could be the difference between successful completion of his climb or not. Mr. Rojas was able to communicate by satellite phone, and was tracked by a GPS for those who wanted to have an up to the minute idea of his position on the summit.

Although the journey has been long and filled with danger, Warner Rojas is the first Costa Rican climber and individual to make it to the top of Mount Everest. As with many firsts for this country, Warner Rojas has made Costa Rica proud! Congratulations Mr. Rojas and your team, Jagged Globe for making it to the top of Mt. Everest! Pura Vida to all those climbers who not only thought about scaling Mt. Everest but actually were able to achieve it. Condolences also go out to those climbers who died making their dream come true. Congratulations to all of you for carrying out your dreams. Pura Vida Mr. Rojas!


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