Costa Rica To Show Paul Watson Pura Vida

Whale Activist Leary of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Paul WatsonIn 2002, Paul Watson, the anti-whaling activist was not afraid of the Costa Rican judicial system when he was involved in a high-seas confrontation with a Costa Rica ship resulting in charges of “putting a ship’s crew in danger”. The situation which may finally be resolved came last week when the activist, Watson was arrested at the Frankfurt airport and eventually released on bail. The German government is considering extraditing Mr. Watson to Costa Rica to face the music from 2002 but the activist is concerned!

During recent discussions with German President Joachim Gauck, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla assured the Germans that the activist would be subject to a fair trail following the constitution of Costa Rica and international standards that would be applicable to the case. This all sounds good to Mr. Watson except for one small detail – the shark fin mafia of Costa Rica

According to Mr. Watson there is a price on his head and being held in a prison in Costa Rica would provide the perfect setting for someone to carry out the lethal contract on him. Citing that he has damaged the shark fin industry and created enemies from the loss of money due to his efforts, he is considered a dead man in parts of the world, including Costa Rica.

Shark Fin Mafia A Costa Rica Threat

The incident in 2002 involved Mr. Watson’s vessel the Sea Shepherd intercepting and escorting an illegal shark finning ship to port, where Mr. Watson’s organization was accused of trying to kill members of the ship. From Mr. Watson’s point of view, the offence was considered to be minor in that no property or people where damaged or injured, and that the allegations where false to begin with. Mr. Watson believes that the extradition attempt is based from Japan who has benefited the most from the shark fin and whaling industries.

We will all have to wait to see how this situation plays out. One thing is for sure. Costa Rica considers itself a protector of marine life and its biodiversity. Perhaps such commonality will result in a mutual understanding and resolution of a legal issue that has stemmed over 10 years. For Costa Rica, Pura Vida is a way of life and maybe Paul Watson will have an opportunity to see that side of Costa Rica. Pura Vida Mr. Watson!


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