Costa Rica Everest Climber Update

Costa Rican Delays Summit Of Everest

Costa Rica Warner RojasIt was a deadly weekend on Everest with reports of 3 climbers missing and 2 dying including a Canadian, Shriya Shah-Klorfine from Toronto and German doctor Eberhard Schaaf. It is believed that both climbers suffered from altitude sickness and exhaustion, leading to their deaths. With overcrowding conditions and an estimated 150 climbers attempting to reach the summit of Everest, Warner Rojas of Costa Rica deferred his ascent to the summit and will have to wait until May 26th, 2012 before they can decide if conditions will be favourable to reach the peak.

Warner Rojas together with his team have returned to their base camp, again crossing the dangerous Khumbu icefall that has challenged climbers trying to summit Everest. Incidentally, the route to Everest will be closed until May 24, 2012 due to weather conditions which may result in additional climbers ascending to the mountain to attempt a climb.

Mount Everest Challenges Costa Rican Warner Rojas

The scaling of Mount Everest has proven to be quite deadly. With a small window of opportunity in terms of good weather and conditions, the mountain is experiencing a high volume of climbers who are waiting for that open window to crest the summit. On Saturday, one of the deadliest days, climbers were still heading to the summit in the late afternoon, resulting in the potential for danger. With steep icy slopes and treacherous  conditions and low oxygen levels, climbers have been taking unnecessary risks.

For Warner Rojas and his team, Jagged Globe the delay in scaling Mount Everest has proven to be somewhat of a disappointment but it is more important to be safe than sorry. For Warner Rojas and Costa Rica, safety is the primary concern. We will all just have to wait until the next date when conditions again will govern if Mr. Rojas can safely make his climb to the top of Everest. For now, we will all have to just sit back and wait to see what the weather brings. Continued success Warner Rojas. Be safe. Costa Rica can wait to see you triumph!


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