Costa Rican Warner Rojas Almost At Everest’s Top

Costa Rican Climber May Hit Peak Of Everest

Costa Rica Warner RojasFor most of us dreaming about climbing Mount Everest has always been just a dream but for Costa Rica climber Warner Rojas, that dream is almost reality as he makes his way to the top of this spectacular mountain.

For Warner Rojas, the dream began in March of this year. Arriving in Nepal to have his body adjust to the very cold temperatures and altitude of the Himalaya’s mountain range, this Costa Rican climber has let nothing get in his way to climb. Pushing forward, Mr. Rojas was able to reach Camp 3, a point 7,200 meters above sea level. This was a personal milestone setting an altitude record for the Costa Rican. After spending a night at Camp 3 to prepare his body in terms of the atmospheric pressure as well as the temperature conditions, Mr. Rojas returned to his base camp located at 5,350 meters to wait for the perfect opportunity for the final push to the peak.

Weather May Defeat Costa Rican Climber

This time of the year is considered to be quite dangerous for climbing Everest with severe conditions including winds and rock slides attributed to very dry conditions. Due to a lack of snow, many of the rocks are not packed against the mountain range resulting in potential avalanche conditions. The conditions that Rojas will experience on his final stretch will include high winds and traffic. Yes you read correctly. According to reports there are currently 32 teams attempting to climb Mount Everest. For Warner Rojas, his success is dependant on the weather as he awaits for the high winds to die down. In order to complete his journey, it is necessary for his team to prepare fixed ropes along the most challenging portion of the mountain, Hillary Step, a 12 meter slab of vertical rock that is positioned just before the summit.

Mount Everest challenges its climbers and does not let them off easy. All climbers attempting to make it to the top will experience altitude sickness which will include headaches, coughing, trouble breathing and lethargy. You can monitor this Tico’s progress by visiting http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/category/everest-2012/  a blog set up by Alan Arnette which monitors Everest climbs. If all goes well, Costa Rican Warner Rojas will have his break to reach the top of Mount Everest this weekend. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish this ultimate adventurer, Costa Rican Warner Rojas much success!


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