Costa Rica Welcomes Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President Speaks In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bill Clinton

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The place was packed with each attendee paying $750 to hear former U.S. President Bill Clinton speak at the Sustainability and Happiness Business Forum in Escazu, Costa Rica. With praise for Costa Rica’s environmental and sustainability initiatives, the former President suggested that Costa Rica could benefit from clean energy technology if the country could find investors to help build that sector.

President Clinton spoke for approximately one hour, including an interview with the event’s organizer, Javier del Campo. They two covered a number of issues, including President Clinton’s support for current Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla. He applauded the Costa Rican’s political leader for her focus on tax reform during difficult economic conditions which were starting by the U.S. He also suggested that Central America’s change in the increase of floods, hurricanes and disasters were a direct result of the world’s global warming.

President Clinton is no stranger to Costa Rica. In 1997 he attended the Summit of the Americas, for which he was the President at the time. Accompanying him was Vice President,  Al Gore, who was last year’s speaker at the Sustainability Forum in Costa Rica and who is best known for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. With the establishment of the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Foundation has begun work with governments to utilize clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bill Clinton Picks 6 To Save The World

Clinton’s closing remarks included answering a question posed by the event organizer’s 11 year old son. President Clinton was asked to select 6 people that could save the world. The answer seemed to have been well thought out and included the following; Nelson Mandel, The Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, Muhammad Yunus (inventor of micoloans), Edward O. Wilson (author) and the Women of Rwanda. In each case, President Clinton summarized his choices by stating that specifically in the case of the Women of Rwanda, these individuals were survivors of brutal massacres carried out by their own country against them, yet had the will to continue, forgive and start new lives.

In his closing remarks, President Clinton cautioned about finding that next someone who will be the answer to all our problems. Instead he suggested that we should be that next special someone who will save the planet. It is time for us to take the step to focus on how we can implement initiatives resulting in positive change to our environment.  For Costa Rica, sustainability and green initiatives continue to be on the forefront of development. Pura Vida President Bill Clinton!!!!!



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