Costa Rican Astronaut Soaring High

Costa Rican Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Costa Rica Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz AstronautBaseball players are not the only ones who have a Hall of Fame. In the space world, the club is a bit more elite with a smaller number of inductees into the club because let’s face it, not everyone can be an astronaut! For Franklin Chang-Diaz, a proud Costa Rican, most of his life has been centered around the space initiative and on Saturday May 5, 2012, this Costa Rican born astronaut was inducted into the Space Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The induction is a first for the Hispanic community and of course, a first for Costa Rica. As an immigrant, Dr. Chang-Diaz came to the United States without knowing how to speak English, earned a doctorate for the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a plasma physicist and as the rest they say, is history. For Dr. Chang-Diaz the history includes a tie for the most space flights, (7 in total), being a Hispanic Astronaut and being a part of an elite club, joining 81 other astronauts in the prestigious Hall of Fame.

During the ceremony, Dr. Chang-Diaz thanked his mother who was in attendance in Spanish. He cited his appreciation for Costa Rica and the United States for their support in his dreams. Dr. Chang-Diaz stated that “to be recognized by those who you admire is even more powerful than just to be recognized at all.” Also inducted into the Hall of Fame during the ceremony were Kevin Chilton, the military’s highest-ranking astronaut and Charles Precourt, a former chief of the NASA astronaut corps.

Costa Rican Quick Rise In Space Ranks

Dr. Chang-Diaz began his training in 1980, making his first venture into space in 1986.  In 2005, the Tico left NASA and started his own company, Ad Astra Rocket Company which is involved in creating a plasma engine that could revolutionize space travel, making destinations such as Mars easier to get to.

Congratulations are in order for this unique Costa Rican who managed to make his space dreams come true. Felicitaciones Dr. Chang-Diaz. You have made Costa Rica proud!!!!!


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