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Costa Rica SupermoonOn Saturday May 5, 2012, the moon will be at its closest to the earth, and with a full moon in the forecast, the results of the closeness and full moon conditions will create a phenomenon called a Supermoon. The moon will look spectacular and will appear to be noticeably larger. To see this spectacle, it will be at its most beautiful just after sunset. For photographers and star gazers, get out your cameras and find a special spot on one of the many Costa Rica beaches to see this event.

Costa Rica Supermoon Bigger, Brighter

In a typical situation, the earth and moon are usually 383,000 kilometers apart. Under Supermoon conditions, the distance will be closer, approximately 356,955 kms. Supermoons, as mentioned occur about once a year and prior to the phenomenon there is a lot of discussion about the effects of the moon’s proximity to the earth. Supermoons do affect the tides and in Costa Rica, surfers are gearing up to enjoy some high tide conditions.

Natural in their occurence, there are some mystical thoughts when in come to Supermoons. Many believe that the undo pressure on the earth as a result of the moon’s proximity may cause some effects on humans and their surroundings. As mentioned, high tides occur and speculation has suggested that natural disasters such as storms, volcano eruptions and even earthquakes may be linked to the Supermoon phenomenon. It is also speculated that the conditions affect humans, creating strange and weird behavior, resulting in the werewolf references.

Make sure to get out tonight and see the moon at its finest. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the Supermoon in Costa Rica. It is expected that the next Supermoon will be in 2029!!!!!!


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