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Costa Rica Nintendo StreetpassJust when you think that you have seen it all, rare flora, interesting reptiles, unique butterflies and rare orchids, beware when travelling through the rainforests of Costa Rica, there is a new species in town and it’s called the nature gamer. Yes you read correctly. The rainforest has attracted a new beast and its species name is the Nintendo Streetpass 3DS.

StreetPass is a network protocol that has been created by Nintendo andis installed in the 3DS gaming systems. The protocol enables players to connect with each other, engage in interaction and share information. It is an opportunity for gamers to find like-minded players and test the system.

The idea behind StreetPass is to break the image of the typical gamer who is stuck in solitary interaction. The system encourages interaction with others. In Costa Rica, the gamers congregate in outdoor venues, enabling them to enjoy the outdoors when the batteries of their devices drain. The idea is to encourage activity after the games are over. In Costa Rica, what better place than in some of the most bio diverse surroundings.

In Costa Rica, the StreetPass community is growing at a steady pace. A recent Boom Con event in San Jose saw an increased participation and attendance and although the exhibition is not related directly to the gaming industry, there is a crossover in interests. You can become Facebook friends with the Costa Rica contingent by visiting http://www.facebook.com/groups/StreetpassCR3D/

Costa Rica StreetPass Not Just About Gaming

Gaming specifically the Nintendo 3DS format has taken away that reclusive gamer and has created a social network venue for gamers to not only enjoy the gaming aspect but also the sociability amongst each other. The reclusive gamer is no long the stereotype when it come to the 3DS community.

Costa Rica continues to combine its biodiversity into everyday life. For gamers in Costa Rica, the combination of the game and the outdoors is a perfect setting. Where else can you enjoy the best of the outdoors of Costa Rica and a great game of Super Mario! Carry on Gamers!


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