Costa Rica Gay Friendly?

Costa Rica Establishment Asks Lesbians To Leave

Costa Rica Bar ChellesBar Chelles a classic establishment in San Jose is being asked to apologize for asking a lesbian couple to leave the premises after they shared a kiss. Could this be the start of a controversy that has managed to be kept under the radar or is this just the opinion of a single person, in a single incident?

The situation arose when a group of women entered the establishment on a Saturday evening. During the time they were there, Paulina Torres and her girlfriend who were accompanied by several other friends kissed on the premises of the restaurant. The group was advised by the establishment that they were not permitted to kiss while in the restaurant. This led to a complaint by the women who considered the restaurant’s actions to be discriminatory. One of the wait staff indicated that that was company policy and asked the couple to leave.

For Ms. Torres who happens to be a co-ordinator for Beso Diverso (Diverse Kiss) which encourages gay and straight couples to kiss in support of gay rights, being asked to leave was considered to be offensive and a direct blow to her human rights. For Ms. Torres, discrimination as a result of homosexuality is unacceptable and in response, Ms. Torres has organized a protest in support of gay and lesbian rights. The event which was held yesterday (Saturday) saw protesters march from the Plaza de La Cultura to the restaurant to demonstrate against the recent actions by Chelles.

Costa Rica Chelles Restaurant Stands Firm

Despite requests for an apology, the Chelles restaurant is standing firm. As a traditional restaurant considered a landmark in San Jose, the actions by the Lesbian couple were considered to be offensive. It is alleged that one of the restaurant’s employee’s made a statement concerning the Lesbian’s actions, stating “what they did is extremely forbidden, this is a decent place, Apologies for nothing, if I see a pair of women kissing each other, then I’m telling them to go elsewhere. The Lord rebukes the devil.”

As the debate continues what are your thoughts? Was the staff at the Chelles correct in what they did based on their personal beliefs and the tradition behind their restaurant or are individuals, despite their sexual orientation able to express themselves regardless of their surroundings. More importantly, if the couple was a heterosexual couple, would the same request have been made by this Costa Rica establishment? It isn’t all Pura Vida in Costa Rica!


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