Costa Rica’s Green Condo Development

Costa Rica’s Forests of Escazu Development

Costa Rica Bosques del EscazuEscazu, Costa Rica will soon be home to over 120 new condominiums as part of a new development whose focus is on ensuring that the complex will be built according to some of the most up to date environmental technology.

The focus of the development called Forests of Escazu will see over $1 million spent on green initiatives that will result in savings in terms of electricity consumption. Theses initiatives include the use of solar water heaters, natural ventilation low water consumption toilets and LED lighting. The complex which will see each condominium tower no larger than 28 units and will include reforestation on two hectares of the complex with approximately 250 trees.

Costa Rica Condo Complex Adapts “Live Green” Motto

The innovation in terms of material use, the reforestation aspect, the initiatives of saving on electricity are all part of a foundation for future building of “green” buildings. The focus to build green condominiums is the future for Costa Rica.

It is expected that the complex will be complete in two years. In addition to the initiatives described, the complex will also house a chlorine free pool for residents which will be maintained by ionized salts. In addition, non toxic materials such as glue and paint will also be used.

The developers of the complex, RC Real Estate SA have been successful in developing other complexes in Costa Rica with this venture being the first of its kind in terms of its commitment to “green” construction. The developers will also seek the guidance of Feng Shui master, Sarmiento Iside.

For more information on the development, the complex has a website http://bosquesdeescazu.com  which outlines the initiatives of the complex. Costa Rica is proud of its green initiatives which will now be translated into the residential development sector. Congratulations to the Forests of Escazu who are taking Costa Rica’s Pura Vida to the next level.


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