Costa Rica Records Mel Gibson Rants?

Costa Rica And Mel Gibson Controversy Brews

Costa Rica Mel Gibson HomeMel Gibson has once again managed to hit the headlines in a negative way but in this instance could Costa Rica receive a blemish as a result. The story continues to unfold in the tabloids and online gossip sites and what is in question is were Mel Gibson’s private conversations in his home in Costa Rica taped illegally? The truth remains to be determined!

Mel Gibson the Australian born actor whose current Costa Rican residence known as Hacienda Dorada in Nicoya is re-listed for sale appears to be the center of a storm that recently brewed between the actor and Hollywood writers Joe Eszterbas. The feud and subsequent potentially illegal actions center around the taping of a conversation between the two Hollywood moguls while both were in Gibson’s home.
It is alleged that the two gentlemen got into a heated argument involving a project that the two were working on regarding Judas Maccabeus, a religious icon for Jewish people. The film was apparently rejected by Warner Bros. and Mr. Eszterhas allegedly accused Mr. Gibson of sabotage of the project. He further stated in an online letter that Mr. Gibson was involved in anti-Semitic rants in his presence.
Although Mr. Gibson is no stranger to outbursts which appear to have gotten him in trouble in the past, the controversy in this particular case involves Mr. Gibson’s rants captured on tape by Mr. Eszterbas son’s IPhone. If the recordings were in fact captured in Costa Rica at Mr. Gibson’s home then the actions would be considered a violation of expected privacy on the part of Mr. Gibson.

Costa Rica Privacy Law May Be Violated

The law, “ the observation and capturing of images and documents in general, as in the listening and recording of private conversations, and in the distribution or publishing after the fact, without due prior consent from the parties involved.” protects those against illegal tapings of conversations without consent or notice. Mr. Eszterbas and company may be in violation of Costa Rica’s privacy law if the tapings in fact do exist and were recorded on Costa Rican soil.
While the online battle brews, it is refreshing to see that a country known for its peace keeping ideals in fact provides its citizens and visitors with laws that ensure privacy is maintained and that Costa Rica will not stand by watching aimlessly while people take advantage and have self serving ways… particularly when it comes to celebrities who try to escape from the turmoil in Costa Rica. Pura Vida includes protecting one’s privacy in Costa Rica, even if Mel Gibson is involved!

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