Costa Rica Craft Beer Festival A First

Microbrewery And Craft Beer Festival

Costa Rica Craft Beer FestivalCosta Rica is coming into its own with the first microbrewery and craft beer festival showcasing some of the finest beers this country is producing. The event will be held on April 21, 2012 in Avenida Escazu and will feature some of the best of Costa Rica’s ales and lagers.

Ticos seem to enjoy their beer and for many there were not a lot of options as to variety. Florida Ice and Farm, a brewery in La Ribera de Belen seemed to have the market on Tico beer, producing the ever popular Ceneza Imperial brew. The Imperial has been a staple of beer drinkers in Costa Rica dating back to the 1920′s, making it somewhat of a national symbol. The brewery has also introduced additional offerings including Pilisen, Bavaria Dark to change things up for the Tico beer enthusiast.

The new competitors in the beer world of Costa Rica however are the microbreweries which are springing up and challenging the king Imperial for a share of the marketplace. The festival in Avenida Escazu will give beer lovers an opportunity to taste some of products currently being produced. It is an opportunity to showcase alternatives to the staple, Imperial.

Beer production is based on ingredients and for microbreweries, this is where product differentiation and experimentation can occur. It is in these choices that micro brewery brew masters can provide some great alternatives to the traditionally brewed rice and corn malt which are the basis for large scale brewing in Costa Rica. In comparison, the micro breweries focus on Bavarian brewing processes which use barley and wheat as a basis for their beer production. The difference in ingredients creates a completely different taste and color in comparison to the traditional rice production.

Attend The Costa Rica Craft Beer Festival

Tickets are available for the event and festival goers have the option of purchasing two types of tickets. The VIP package allows attendees to sample up to 15 different types of craft beers, with complete access to lectures, presentations and the all important brew-off competition. The ticket is $15 or 15,000 colones. The general admission ticket is also good value. It allows for the tasting of 8 beer samples and includes a commemorative glass to take home.

The Craft Beer Festival, http://www.festivalcervezaartesanal.com/ is a chance to be a bit of a beer snob and see what else Costa Rica has been brewing on the beer frontier. What a great opportunity to taste some different brews while supporting a burgeoning community of craft breweries! After all, he who drinks beer in Costa Rica sleeps well!


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