Congratulations To The New Miss Costa Rica

Costa Rica Pageant Crowns New Winner

Miss Costa Rica 2012

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It was an exciting evening for Nazareth Cascante Madrigal who after all was said and done was crowned Miss Costa Rica 2012, destined to fill some important shoes with the end of reign for Miss Costa Rica 2011, Johanna Solano.

The event, held at Teletica’s studio, http://www.misscostarica.com saw the winner lead in all of the events during the pageant. It seemed that this 5’9″ beauty was destined to become the winner from the being. The annual event, now in its 59th year was filled with anticipation in terms of who would replaced the current reigning Miss Costa Rica, Johanna Solano whose reign took her to runner up in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant.

Miss Solano, Miss Costa Rica 2011, was a popular figure amongst the pageant circuit and around the world. Considered to be one of the hardest working beauty queens for Costa Rica, her focus included elder issues and social outreach programs. The new Miss Costa Rica 2012 will have to make her own mark on the position although it will be difficult for many to forget Solano’s contribution to the position.

Big Shoes To Fill For Miss Costa Rica

The new Miss Costa Rica, Nazareth Cascante Madrigal http://www.facebook.com/nazareth.cascantemadrigal is from Alajuela who is 21 years old. Currently a phamaceutical sciences student the judges rated this Tica an overall 9.5 score, resulting in her win. In her final interview, Ms. Madrigal revealed that her main cause for support during her reign would be epidemolysis bullosa in children. She was also asked the question “who would she invite to visit Costa Rica” and her response was “Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister”.

In addition to the title and the exposure it will bring to Ms. Madrigal and Costa Rica, the winner took home a new wardrobe, jewellery, a new car and about $7000 in cash. Although other pageants have larger prizes, the event has attracted a new set of contestants. In previous years, the contestants were younger. This year’s pageant saw two architects and a psychologist participate in the event.

Congratulations to Miss Nazareth Cascante Madrigal. We know that you will make Costa Rica proud as you represent us. Felicidades!!!!!


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