Casual Dining In Costa Rica

It’s Time To Pollo In Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Casual DiningIt is a market segment that is rapidly growing in Costa Rica. What is it? Casual dining! For many Ticos it is an opportunity to try something different, something North American. For Ticos, they have been introduced to McDonald’s and Burger King but there is more coming their way to tantilize their tastebuds.

As the world market get smaller, casual dining franchises are looking to Costa Rica as the new
marketplace. Players currently involved in Costa Rica’s fast food market include the majors, McDonald’s, Burger King and most recently Pizza Hut.

It is said that North America was the inventor of casual or as it is referred to “fast-food dining”.As
time becomes more precious, consumers are turning to casual dining as a means to get together with their
family members, friends and collegues without having to deal with the mess afterwards.

Will Casual Ding Work In Costa Rica?

Casual dining however is not for everyone. Price prohibts many Costa Ricans from eating many of the
offerings. For many franchises, this may be a concern. Starbucks is set to open its first location in Costa
Rica in May. Are Ticos ready to pay close to $5.00 U.S. for a fancy coffee beverage with all the trimmings? We will have to wait and see.
For many of these chains venturing into Costa Rica is an opportunity to tap into a middle class market. In
the case of Starbucks their first location is expected in Escazu, a mainly ex-pat region of Costa Rica
considered to be middle to upper class by North American standards.

Pollo Tropical is a Miami-based chain that will battle it out in the roasted chicken space. Moe’s a Tex-Mex
cuisine based franchise will introduce its fare in San Pedro. Gourmet burgers are also on their way with three locations expected to open in the near future.

Although casual dining is a big market in North American, it will be interesting to see how Costa
Ricans will take to the new variety available to them. Will taste win over price? Other franchises are waiting in the wings to see what happens. In the interim, get ready to order your tall decaf one shot lactose free extra hot skinny latte!


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