Costa Rica Not So Happy?

Costa Rica’s Happiness Index Slips

Costa Rica Happiness IndexIn the recent Gross National Happiness index commissioned by the United Nations Conference on Happiness which was held on April 2, 2012, Costa Rica ranked twelfth according to the  report published by the Earth Institute.  The report also highlighted that the happiest countries in the world are in Northern Europe, including countries Denmark, Norway, Finland and Netherlands.

The report shows that happiness is measured by how happy people are with their lives. The study revealed that happy countries tend to be richer countries but not necessarily in terms of money only. Happiness includes the absence of corruption, personal freedom and social support. The report shows that that employment and job security with good co-worker relationships are more important than high pay and convenient hours.The study also revealed that mental health is the most important factor affecting one’s happiness and that happiness is lowest in middle age.

The report, all 158 pages can be read at http://issuu.com/earthinstitute/docs/world-happiness-report/1 with the criteria for its findings outlined including responses from around the world to questions such as “how happy would you say you are, (o means extremely unhappy, 10 meaning extremely happy)” and “how satisfied are you with your life as a whole nowadays? .”

Studies Vary In Costa Rica Happiness Index

The report used the Cantril ladder as a base for measurement in their study. The criteria of this method is also outlined in the extensive report. In comparison, Costa Rica was ranted number one for happiness using the Gallup World Poll but twelth under the Cantril ladder poll.

Regardless of polls, Costa Rica is clearly paradise and despite economic and social issues, who wouldn’t be happy waking up to an abundance of biodiversity, two beautiful coasts, the Pacific and Caribbean, two spectacular seasons, the wet and dry and most importantly, never having the same experience twice, with every day bringing new experiences. I don’t know about you but living Pura Vida is sure to make everyone happy!


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