Costa Rica Easter Bullfights

No Bull Hurt In Costa Rica

Costa Rica BullfightingCosta Rica’s Easter celebrations are in full swing and as part of those celebrations, a good bull fight is in order. In Costa Rica however a bull fight is not a bull fight! Known as a peaceful country, Costa Rican bullfights called “Toros a la Tica” (bullfighting the Tico way) is a chance for young men in Costa Rica to test their courage!

In Costa Rica, bull fighting is quite passive in that unlike many other bull fights around the world, bulls in Costa Rica do not get hurt. Instead it is an event that tests the human courage of the young men who jump into the ring or hang of its sides as a escape from the angry beast who has be awaken to take part in what it thinks is a ludicrous event. Of course Mr. Bull knows that he can take these peace loving Ticos down!

In Costa Rica, bull fighting is more in line with a rodeo style event. In most cities of substantial size a rondel or permanent bullring is a fixture. In the case where the town does not have a ring, a temporary one is erected during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Town fairs also commonly host bull fighting events. Recently as part of the Semana Santa Easter celebrations CostaRicaCLOSEUP had a chance to witness one of these fun filled bullfights in Herradura, Costa Rica. Clearly it is an event that is filled with laughter and stories to tell the grandchildren!

Bravo Toro Bull Rodeo

Costa Rican bullfights do not have professional toreros enticing the bull. In Costa Rica, the toreros are “improvisados”, young silly men who are out to prove something…. perhaps courage. In more formal bullfights as in the case of the Nuevo Arenal event, men line up to draw the number of the bull that they will ultimately face. Bullfights in Costa Rica are more of an opportunity for Testosterone to flow. With their girlfriends sitting in the stands cheering them on, young men jump in the ring and hope that the bull shows a bit of mercy towards them.

Pura Vida comes in all shapes and forms in Costa Rica. A bull in Costa Rica is definitely living the life of Pura Vida. If you happen to come across a bull fight in Costa Rica, take the time to see it, it’s an Costa Rica event that cannot be missed!


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