Costa Rica’s Southern Zone Development Hotspot

Costa Rica Southern Zone Hot!

Costa Rica Southern ZoneIn a recent article in International LivingMagazine http://www.internationalliving-magazine.com, Costa Rica’s Southern Zonewas named one of the top five regions that is poised for development. Ranked third in this category, this is a great sign that there is confidence within the world community in Costa Rica and how the country is seen as an investment potential.

According to Ronan McMahon of International Living, the establishment of his Global Real Estate Index reflects opportunities that “boast the most attractive, and potentially lucrative, real estate opportunities.” Comparing criteria including value for the money, income potential and ease of buying.

The top five listed regions reflect emerging beach locations.  McMahon’s article places Costa Rica’s Southern Zone behind Ecador’s North Coast and Tulum, Mexico. The locales share some commonalities including affordability, legality of ownership is protected and where you can still get in as it is not too late to purchase.

For Costa Rica, the southern zone has been recognized as one of the most beautiful spots in the world with one of the last unspoiled rainforests in Central America. Filled with scenic vignettes including deep forest, abundant aquatic life, rivers, mountains and biodiversity, this area has been overlooked by visitors and tourism alike, leaving the southern zone unspoiled.

Costa Rica Southern Zone Biodiverse

With four national parks and a national reserve, this region of Costa Rica is also home to a high population of indigenous people. The Talamanca Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean sandwich the southern zone. Stretching from San Isidro and Dominical in the north and Punta Burica and San Vito in the south, the area is varied in terms of mangroves, swamps, forest and highlands.

The southern zone is also relatively easy to access. Although roads are not perfectly paved, the drive from San Jose to Isidro de El General is about 3 hours. There are a variety of accomondations available to visitors for every budget. There are some great places to eat and areas of interest to see.

On a final note, the southern zone is relatively crime free. With petty thefts and break-ins being the only major crimes, this region does not exhibit the same crime element as seen in regions such as San Jose. For International Living’s Ronan McMahon, Costa Rica’s southern zone is affordable with potential for appreciation. What are you waiting for? If it is a Costa Rica real estate that you are interested in, it’s time to do some research on the southern zone!



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