Vino Anyone In Costa Rica?

A Winery Is Born In Costa Rica

costa-rica-wineWith the assistance of wine expert Kerry Damskey, a Napa Valley consultant, Costa Rica’s first winery is born. In decanter.com Damskey outlines his quest for creating the first viable commercial winery, with hopes to yield his first bottling in 2015.

Costa Rica presents several challenges when it comes to growing grapes for the purpose of wine making and in this case, Damskey is hopeful that the crop will adapt to the conditions and altitude of the country. Deciding upon Copey, a small town south of the Carara National Park in Tarcoles, Costa Rica, it is estimated that the town of 300 or so residents may flourish with this new venture by Damskey.

First Costa Rica Wine Expected 2015

Planting approximately 4 hectares of a combination of  Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Syrah and Pinot Noir vines in December of 2011, Damskey hopes to release the vintage of this first venture in 2015. As a renowned expert in the wine making business for over 30 years, Damskey is convinced that the conditions of Costa Rica can be overcome and that there is great success possible when it comes to establishing a winery in this country.

As a winemaking consultant, Mr. Damskey has received recognition across the world and has been successful in creating great wines. Consulting in such countries as India, Bulgaria and China, Mr. Damskey is involved in many aspects of the wine business including acquisition of wineries, growing and of course wine making.

We will have to sit tight for a few years and wait for the outcome of this venture. We do know that if Mr. Damskey is involved, the wine will be spectacular. Now all we have to do is think of a name for the vintage. What about Pura Vida, that seems to be quite appropriate for a wine made in Costa Rica!


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