Costa Rica Rocks Again

No You Were Not Drunk In Costa Rica

Costa Rica EarthquakeAlthough the weekend was filled with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Costa Rica continued to bump and grind and we are not talking about some dirty dancing. This past weekend Costa Rica experienced a wave of small earthquakes leaving many to wonder if this is the calm before the storm.

AS the clock struck midnight on Thursday morning, it seems that Friday would have been ushered in as Earthquake day amongst many regions of Costa Rica. Very early Friday morning a 3.7 earthquake was felt in the Jaco area. Clearly the surfers needed a last call and a small earthquake seemed to have done the trick. Later in the morning, Golifito which is located about 350 km from San Jose experienced at 3.7 magnitude earth quake. To top off the morning the Dominical region of Costa Rica also experienced a bit of activity on Friday and this region of Costa Rica has been quite active during the month.

Saturday continued to be rocky, with most activity inland. Close to the Nicaraguan border, the Pinol de Upala area of Adajuela experienced some tremors and in the evening, no it wasn’t the massive consumption of Guinness that made you think that there was an earthquake, several earthquakes were felt around the area of San Jorge, north of San Ramon.

The weekend was rounded off with several tremors being left in the southern part of Costa Rica and near the Panama border. Although the magnitudes of the weekend activity varied from 3.5 to 3.9 , the amount of activity and the range in its activity is in concerning. Clearly, Costa Rica’s OVSICORI, http://www.ovsicori.una.ac.cr/ has been busy measuring and monitoring the weekend’s activity. Their website indicates a recorded three earth quakes on March 17th, the weekend’s busiest day. According to the website, the activity continued in the region of Puntarenas in the Gulf of Nicoya, with a 5.2 magnitude tremor recorded in the early afternoon.

Costa Rica Perfect Earthquake Conditions

All of this activity is making everyone wonder when the big one will come. Living with tremors is part of living in Costa Rica as it is part of the makeup of this beautiful country. With so many forces of nature at play including distinct climate changes of the extreme, the wet and dry season, the two plates, the Caribbean and Cocos jocking for position and rubbing and bumping each other constantly, Costa Rica is perfect for an eruption.  Living in paradise has its drawbacks and the rock and roll atmosphere is part of its charm. The secret is to have another green beer and not worry about it, after all it’s all Pura Vida!


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