Costa Rica Luck Of The Irish

Don’t Have To Be Irish To Celebrate

Costa Rica St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day, March 17th is an annual feast which celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. Folklore has it that St. Patrick was known to raise the dead and driving snakes out of Ireland. A U.S. custom, St. Patrick’s Day has been traditionally celebrated by drinking, as St. Patrick’s other contribution to Ireland was rumored to be that he brought a distillery to the country. For those in Costa Rica, Irish or not, the day is celebrated with a few green pints and some culinary delights such as corned beef.

In Latin America, as well as Costa Rica, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the ex-pat community as well as locals. After all where there is green beer, there is bound to be celebration. Latin America also has some of its roots in the Irish descent. Bernardo O’Higgins Requelme was a South American independence leader. He participated in freeing Chile from Spanish rule in the Chilean war of Independence.  As a result of his efforts, O’Higgins was granted Supreme Director of the Country with Chile gaining its independence.

Today’s most famous Latin American Irishman was none other than Antonio Rodolfo Quinn, also known as Anthony Quinn, the actor. Considered to be one of Latin America’s Irishmen, the actor became well known for his role as Eufemio in the movie Viva Zapata.

Pubs Irish Central

If you are planning on painting the town green in Costa Rica, consider Stan’s Irish Pub https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stans-Irish-Pub/132364143460239 in Zapote San Jose, Costa Rica. The pub features Guinness beer, an Irish staple, accompanied by dishes including corned beef and cabbage. The bagpipes will be played to set the mood and everyone is bound to have a great time.

Whether you are of Irish descent or just want to have a bit of fun, St. Patrick’s Day is the day to do so. So put on something verde, grab your perol de oro and get ready to enjoy some carne acecinada y repollo. Top of the day to you all!


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