Chirripo Fire Under Control

New Fires Causing Concern

Costa Rica Forest FiresIt took 15 days but the fire at Cerro Chirripo is under control after being fueled by perfect fire conditions including high winds and the dry season. But just when you think things are quiet, another series of fires have been on the rise.

With over 100 volunteers helping the fire department including air support from Guatemala, the fire seems to have had an impact on the efforts, but it was the wind that seemed to have played devil’s advocate and hampered many attempts to contain the fire. The fire was spread through the tree tops as a result of the wind conditions, making containment more difficult.

While the Chirripo fire appears to be controlled, new fires have appeared at Palo Verde in the province of Guanacaste and in Tivies in Atenas, on Route 27. Again speculation about the cause of the fires is continuing but up until now, 700 hectares have been affected.

The damage caused by such large fires will take several decades to rejuvenate. For Costa Rica,  fires have increased this year in comparison to previous years. Conditions including a very dry season, high winds and perhaps mischief have contributed to the perfect storm for forest fires.

Conditions Ripe For More Fires

The MINAET has advised the population of Costa Rica to be aware of conditions that can result in out of control conditions. People are being asked to be preventative in their actions when it comes to fire and especially those who are involved in the argicultural community who perform controlled burns.

Costa Rica will recover from this latest ecological tragedy but it will take time to do so. In the meantime, it is important for everyone to do their part to protect the flora that brings so many to this country. Do your part by being aware of the conditions around you. What is more important? A campfire or the beautiful forest surrounding you?


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