Costa Rica Oxcart Parade

San Antonio de Escazu Oxcart Central

Costa Rica Oxcart ParadeEvery year on the second Sunday in March, the hillside town of San Antonio de Escazu hosts its annual “Oxcart Parade” in homage to the oxen. Known as Dia de las Boyeros, or the Day of the Oxcart Driver, the celebration features a traditional Costa Rican parade where the  beautifully painted oxcarts are front and center.

The oxcart or carreta has been the symbol of labor in Costa Rica for generations. Used to transport coffee from the central valley to the Port of Puntarenas on the Pacific coast.  The oxcart is a national symbol, reminding Costa Ricans of the country’s history. The oxcart symbolizes the development of Costa Rica with the oxcart trails being the first road transportation developed in Costa Rica. The oxcart and the transportation it created also resulted in early industries such as crews to maintain the trails, inns for drivers to rest along the trails and journey to Puntarenas and shaping the local economy of the region.

For Costa Rican’s, the oxcart symbolizes the country’s beginning. Although there are not used as readily today, their presence in Costa Rican culture is maintained through their elaborate designs. Considered to be an artistic tradition, the oxcarts are now elaborately painted and displayed during parades such as this weekend’s Dia de las Boyeros or in Sarchi, considered to be Costa Rica’s artisan community. The spoke less wheel on the oxcart has become an artistic canvas for artisans to paint elaborate patterns. Use of vibrant colors in spectacular patterns incorporating geometric patterns, stars, suns and more. Each colorful artistic representation is unique. Artisans create the oxcarts today for tradition, and for sale rather than for functionality.

If you are in the area this weekend on Sunday, the parade is not something to be missed. The colorful impact of the oxcarts is something that cannot be missed. Not only is it an opportunity to see a beautiful traditional Costa Rican parade but the parade is also a spectacular opportunity to see some of the best traditional artisan craftsmanship Costa Rica has become famous for. What are your waiting for?


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