Fire In Chirripo National Park

Suspicious Fire Set

Costa Rica Chirripo National ParkBelieved to have been started as an act of vengeance, a 120 hectare fire has been burning since early Monday with fire fighters struggling to control the blaze.

Members of the Costa Rican Firefighters Corps have been on scene and are being helped by volunteers who are struggling to contain the fire which was set suspiciously in Costa Rica’s southern Chirripo National Park. It is being suggested that an arsonist started the fire, based on the position of where the fire is believed to have been started. The nucleus of the fire, believed to have been started about 2200 meters up a mountain, in a remote hard to reach spot could have been started by a drug trafficker or someone hunting in the area as it is not a spot that the normal average person would have been able to access the elevation.

The damage appears to be centralized in the La Amistad International Park, which is located near the border of Panama. The fire which if not contained may threaten the forest. Currently, the hope is to create a barrier around the fire, to prevent it from spreading further.

The fire, given its location, high winds and a limited number of resources could not be brought under control and given the recent wind gusts which have only made matters worse, emergency workers have focused on creating the fire barrier. Brush and flammable debris is being cleared in any way possible to quickly create the barrier. All efforts are focused on containing the blaze so that it doesn’t spread further.

Vistors Not Restricted Entrance To Park

Visitors are still able to access the park as the blaze is not considered to be in the vicinity of the tourist regions of the national park. Cerro Chirripo, the highest peak in Costa Rica is considered to be the national park’s most famous attraction. Climbing the peak, all 18km, is strenuous and not for the faint at heart. A steep 10,000 ft, there are two huts located along the trail to break up the climb and rest for the night. The climb requires stamina, and lots of water. You will also need to carry supplies such as a sleeping bag, food and a stove for cooking. Personally, sunscreen is a must due to the proximity to the equator and the altitude you are climbing.

To take the plunge and climb the mountain, reservations are required and there may be a waiting list so you will need to plan in advance. In the mean time, our hearts are with those who are working against all obstacles to ensure the fire does not result in any more damage. Let’s hope that the barrier does it’s job and the fire contains itself. Be safe fire fighters and volunteers. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated!


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