Everyone Knows Its Windy In Guanacaste Costa Rica

Winds Are Kicking Up In Region

Costa Rica Guanacaste RegionThe Guanacaste region of Costa Rica has been experiencing some unusually high winds of late, causing some concern in the area in terms of safety and awareness of the damage that may be caused by high winds.

The National Meteorological Institute has confirmed that the wind gusts were recorded at 76km /hr in the mountain areas and 51km/hr in the flat regions of the area. The intensity of the wind seemed to increase in the afternoons with gusts recorded in the 60-80km/h. In Santa Ana,  gusts were recorded at 76km/h.

The NMI has advised residents and tourists to be vigilant and be aware of the wind conditions. The effects of the wind can be felt in the ocean, making for dangerous conditions that even well seasoned swimmers and surfers could run into trouble.

Guanacaste is a popular spot for residents of Costa Rica as well as tourists to visit. With almost perfect conditions, hot and dry, the region is popular for those who want to escape to the tropics.  With a diverse geographical makeup, the sandy coast is separated by the mountains by the Tempisque River. The mountain region is home to the Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja, Parque Nacional Guanacaste and the Parque Volcano Tenorio. The Inter-American Highway runs from Puntarenas into Guanacaste, providing access to the region.

Guanacaste Booming With Tourists

Known for its beaches, this once fishing region is undergoing a transition to accommodate the influx of tourists. Resort development is on the rise, exclusive villas are under construction and the Gulf of Papagayo project hopes to develop almost 2,300 coastal acres. In addition to development, the Liberia airport, in Guanacaste’s largest town has recently been re-developed, increasing its capacity to service the tourist industry in the region.

The region of Guanacaste will continue to experience powerful winds for a while due to the increase in atmospheric pressure in the Caribbean sea. Hold onto your hats visitors to Costa Rica, before they blow away!





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