Starbucks In Costa Rica

North American Retailers Target Costa Rica

Costa Rica StarbucksWith more and more North American retailers setting up shop in Costa Rica it was bound to happen… Starbucks is coming to Costa Rica! The Seattle WA based coffee retailer has decided to open its first location in Costa Rica in May and everyone is practising their orders…. a tall one shot lactose free latte please!

Starbucks has built its empire on the coffee experience. Providing a great ambiance for those who want to sit down and enjoy their coffee leisurely, catch up with friends or just hang out and people watch. Strategies include partnering with book stores as well as stand alone locations.

Costa Ricans are avid coffee drinkers and the average Tico consumes approximately 4 kg of coffee a year. In addition to this statistic, Costa Rica sells Starbucks its coffee beans directly and it is expected that the chain will purchase over 9 million kilograms of coffee this year.

Creating The Starbucks Experience

Starbucks has expanded into over 50 countries, with over 15,000 locations and the move into Costa Rica falls in line with the expansion plan of the company. As a large coffee consuming country, the goal is to capture that Costa Rican market. More importantly, Costa Ricans know their coffee and enjoy quality brews, providing the business plan for Costa Rica as a captive market for the coffee chain.

With the best coffee exported out of Costa Rica, Starbucks uses Costa Rican beans in its blends so there will be an opportunity for Tico coffee drinks to taste some of their own beans. What remains to be seen are the prices. In North America, a plain tall-sized coffee runs just over $2.00. Speciality drinks vary depending on toppings but average in the $3.75-4.50 range for average sizing.

It will be interesting to see how Starbucks is received in Costa Rica and who it will attract. As an international coffee chain, Starbucks has built its business on providing an alternative to coffee choices. With signature drinks during the various seasons, will Costa Ricans line up for their Peppermint Latte during the Christmas season? We will have to wait and see…. May I have whip cream on that with extra peppermint sprinkles please!



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