Love In The Wild Host Dodges Drug Lord?

Darren McMullen Recounts Jungle Encounter

Costa Rica Drug TradeIn a recent article in the Daily Record, Darren McMullen, the host of NBC’s Love In The Wild dating tv reality show recounted how his experience in Costa Rica was not just a quest for love. His encounter with a drug lord was not a pleasant experience, one that left him wondering, “what if”.

The story according to McMullen’s interview began when a gangster tried to pick a fight with him. It began in a bar. A big guy came up to him and asked him to go outside. Deciding to ignore the guy was a good move on McMullen’s part, with the guy doing a disappearing act.

The story however does not end there, with a re-encounter a few hours later. This time one of the LITW cameramen stepped in, preventing any interaction when the hero saw that the thug was armed. For Darren, the experience left him frightened. He quickly realized that the armoury of weapons including a machine gun, machete and hand gun could have easily taken him out. Referring to his run in “with the local wildlife”, this was the only bad experience that Darren faced during his time in Costa Rica.

Army Not An Option

Costa Rica is not immune from the drug trade that has flourished in many Central American countries. During a recent trip in August to Mexico, President Chinchilla confirmed the existence of Mexican drug gangs in her country who were working with local cartels. Considered to be one of the safest countries in Central America, Costa Rica’s insecurity is quickly becoming an issue.

The strategy in Costa Rica against the drug trade according to President Chinchilla is to focus on the judiciary system that will prosecute accordingly, the police who have the authority to arrest. Costa Rica is hoping to provide their police force with better equipment to battle the war on drugs. With no intentions of creating an army to deal with the problem, Costa Rica’s strategy is to confront drug gangs regionally as well as nationally.

As the crackdown on Mexican drug gangs intensifies, other Central American countries are bracing themselves for the displacement of those cartels in their countries. For Costa Rica, co-operation from the international community and an increase in its defensive strategies is an opportunity to prevent the ever increasing problem from getting out of control.


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