Costa Rica Comes Up Short – Who Cares?

Tica Team Should Be Proud

Costa Rica vs U.S. CONCACAF 2012With emotions running high, Costa Rica came up short and will not be attending the 2012 Olympic Games representing women’s soccer but who cares. This team played with heart and soul and despite their loss, showed the world that you never give up

Although the score was 3-0 for the U.S. team, it wasn’t a game where the U.S. outplayed Costa Rica and did not struggle. The win did not come easy to the U.S. ladies and despite scoring the first goal, the rest of the match was not a walk in the park. Costa Rica put on the pressure early in the game and obtained possession in the first half of the match. The team did appear to run out of steam in the second half, when the U.S. came on strong.

Costa Rica Gives U.S. A Run For Their Money

It was not a match however that saw the U.S. dominate. Costa Rica gave the U.S. team a run for their money. With Katherine Alvarado back from her concussion injury and Daniela Cruz back from her knee injury, the Costa Rican team played with heart and soul. Costa Rica had their chances, keeping the American goalkeeper Hope Solo on her toes. In the 27th a 35 meter kick from Cruz hit the cross point between the post and crossbar of the U.S. net, almost making it in.

The second half was a game changer where the U.S. doubled their lead and seemed to dominate whereas Costa Rica seemed to have run out steam. In the end, despite all efforts, the U.S. was able to out shoot Costa Rica 21-7.

Costa Rica can hold their heads up high. Playing one of the best teams in the world of women’s soccer, the U.S. has played in every Olympic games since soccer was introduced in 1996.  The experience of playing against such a team will only benefit Costa Rica in their growth and continued success.

Congratulations to the Costa Rica women’s soccer team who played with class and heart, showing the women’s soccer world that they are a contender! Congratulations Ticas you did great!


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