It’s Due Or Die For Costa Rica

Today’s The Day

Costa Rica Women's SoccerToday is the day that Costa Rica will make or break it as they are paired up with the U.S. to capture one of two spots available to attend the 2012 Olympic Games in the women’s soccer division.

Costa Rica who has not qualified for a Women’s World Cup or the Olympics will face the three-time Olympic champion, the United States this evening hoping to get a spot to attend the Olympics. In the other deciding match, Canada will play against Mexico, with the winners of both matches heading to the Olympic games.

The Costa Rican coach, Karla Aleman describes the match up between the United States and Costa Rica as “you can’t block the sun with a finger”. The goal for the Costa Rican team is to play the match and see what happens. Although the Americans are the favorite to win, stranger things have happened like in any other sporting event.

Mexico is in a similar situation to Costa Rica. Although behind, Mexico doesn’t have the same pressure as Canada to win today’s match. Playing against better teams may work to Costa Rica and Mexico’s advantage, they have nothing to lose while the U.S. and Canada have all the pressure and standards to live up to, particularly Canada who is playing on home turf.

For Costa Rica there is one advantage, it is an extra day of rest which can make all the difference at a pressure filled match. Canada is in a similar situation as well. Athletes are able to replenish their energy and are in tip top shape for the match.

Underdogs Have Less Pressure

The U.S. has a psychological advantage over Costa Rica in that they have won the last seven encounters against Costa Rica and have not allowed a goal, outscoring their rivals 34-0. But who cares! The important match is today and the past is the past. To date the United States has won against  Guatemala and the Dominican Republic which were easier situations for the team. Their match against Mexico was more difficult with the Mexican crowds cheering on their team. The U.S. gained control quickly, scoring two goals within minutes giving them that all important psychological advantage.

For Costa Rica, the goal is to prevent early scoring by the U.S. and to break Hope Solo’s superb goaltending shut out streak. A tall order for the Costa Rican team but it is an opportunity of a lifetime for this group of women who have come so far. It will be a match of mind over matter, whoever wants it more will get it. Congratulations Costa Rica for a tournament well played. We will all be rooting for you. Remember, stranger things have happened!


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