Costa Rica Down But Not Out Yet

Canada Dominates Match Over Costa Rica

Costa Rica vs Canada Women's SoccerIt was not the night that Costa Rica’s women’s soccer team was expecting but their dream to be put on the 2012 Olympics is not dead yet and miracles do happen!

Overpowered and overplayed by the Canadians, Costa Rica suffered a terrible loss to Canada, being defeated 5-1. Despite the loss however, Costa Rica still has a chance to earn the other spot available to attend the Olympics. They will face the winners of the Mexico vs. U.S. match. The American team will require a tie or win to come out on top of their group.  It is expected that the U.S. will defeat the team from Mexico but who knows what will happen.

Christine Sinclair came out big for Canada, scoring two goals against Costa Rica to clinch first place in Group A. A powerhouse for the Canadian team, Sinclair has scored 7 goals in the tournament.  For Canada the goal was to conserve after coming out strong. Despite the significant lead, Costa Rica did not give up and was able to score at the end, putting a goal in against the Canadian team.

Costa Rica To Re-Group For Next Round

For Costa Rica the loss was not characteristic for their play. Unfocussed, the Canadian team managed to come out quickly and take a lead before the Costa Rica team was able to re-group and re-focus. Improving in the second half, it was too little too late to catch up but that did not stop Costa Rica who persevered and scored a goal late in the last half. For Costa Rica, the turnaround was a great way to show that although they may be down, they will not give up.

Costa Rica has never allowed four goals in an Olympic qualifying game and hopes to have their game face back on in the next round. Congratulations to Costa Rica, despite being down fought hard to get back into the game! That’s what the Olympics are all about!


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