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Liberia Terminal Welcomes First Arrivals

Costa Rica Liberia AirportWith almost nine months of delays, the new Liberia airport terminal welcomed its first guests this week, opening just in time to service the tourist season. Congratulations to the region of Guanacaste which will benefit the most from the new facility!

On Thursday, the Liberia airport welcomed its first arrival, a flight from Miami and from all accounts, visitors who had experienced the old Liberia terminal were impressed with the new facility. Commenting on its brightness and spaciousness, congratulations were flowing.

The airport in proximity to Guanacaste’s beaches has opened just in time to accommodate the influx to the area which is experiencing peak tourist season. Regions in the area, including la Fortuna, Arenal, Monteverde and Montezuma will also benefit from the upgraded terminal. President Laura Chinchilla applauded the opening of the new terminal, indicating that the region experienced a 15.4% increase in visitors through the old facility last season (January to November) and the hope is to see additional increases in tourist traffic for the same time period this year.

Liberia Terminal Upgrades from F to B

With the new facility, the Liberia airport has be reclassified and has been upgraded on the scale of airport ratings which is a great thing for the region. The new terminal has also created a positive influence on the economy for the area. In addition to new concession stands which have resulted in employment, the amount of immigration posts have increased from 7 to 17, providing full time employment for some. It is expected that the terminal will be able to process about 1,500 passengers per hour and 4 flights at the same time, resulting in a better customer experience than the previous terminal.

Congratulations to Costa Rica and to the new Liberia airport. Such improvements and investment in development will only lead to more tourists and a better experience when visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world. After all, first impressions set the stage for the rest of the experience and in this case, it only gets better as you continue on your Costa Rica vacation!



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