Costa Rica Worth Faking Death

How Bad Do You Need A Vacation?

Costa Rica Faked DeathThe headlines have been a blaze lately with the story of a New York City school employee who pretended that her daughter died in order to get additional bereavement days to travel on a vacation to Costa Rica. Is this the most extreme measure that someone has taken to experience Pura Vida? It may just be!

Makings Of A Hollywood Movie

The plot can be taken out of a movie. Mother finds out daughter has had a heart attack in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mother needs to travel to one of the most beautiful places in the world to prepare for daughter’s funeral. Mother needs to submit a death certificate to her employer to confirm daughter’s death. Investigators look into the matter and the jig is up!

In today’s world there are so many scams, ridiculous stories and just generally bad decisions being made by people that somehow in the end seem to get uncovered. For this parent coordinator in the New York school system, the plan seemed to be foolproof but was it? Clearly the situation which presented itself needed investigation and that’s just what the employer did to the detriment of their employee.

Everyone needs a vacation and why not Costa Rica? It is a chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, biodiversity and wildlife. For Joan Barnett, a employee with the school system in New York, a plan was hatched to ask for days to attend her daughter’s funeral who happened to pass away in Costa Rica. One of the requirements of the bereavement days was that she was required to provide a death certificate for her daughter’s death to her employer. The document submitted arose suspicion as it appeared to have different font styles within it…. could it have been that it also belonged to someone who had died in 2005 and it was now 2010? Maybe.

The rouse was up after the document was determined to be fake. That did not stop Ms. Barnett who produced another death certificate. The situation recently was tried out in the court system where Ms. Barnett pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of forging the document and without question lost her job.

So what is the moral of the story? People will do just about anything to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer, even thinking of elaborate schemes to get in those extra few days. Although this article is written in tongue and cheek, the opportunity for some to do whatever it takes to vacation in Costa Rica is simply astonishing. We all want to experience Pura Vida but at what price? Clearly in this case, the price was $37,000 US, the annual salary of Ms. Barnett!


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