What’s That Hum In Costa Rica

Was It The Sound The Apocalypse?

Costa Rica ApocalypseCosta Rica and some parts of the world experienced a windy-like hum of the earth yesterday which left everyone wondering what the heck was going on and what was going to happen!

The hum could be heard throughout Costa Rica and that has left many in Costa Rica wondering what caused the noise. Seismologists are weighing in and believe that the event should be studied. Records indicate that it was not as a result of seismic activity but the question remains, what caused the noise and why could it be heard in spots such as Canada and Costa Rica and even in Kiev, Ukraine.

Speculation High On Social Media

The event has created a buzz on social media networks with everyone speculating about the source and cause of the noise. No authoritative body has yet to comment on the cause of the noise and but what can be confirmed is that there were no earth movements recorded at the time of the sound.

Some believe that the hum could have been created by magnetic waves sent through the stratosphere resulting in the creation of the hum. If that is the case, why hasn’t anyone made an education statement about it. Instead we have been left to our own devices and imaginations to speculate about what caused the noise in the first place.

YouTube has been the only source of information, with two videos posted obtained from Costa Rica and the Ukraine. The comments have resulted in some great theories and possibilities. It is important to note that sometimes the unexplainable can be explained through social media as opinions weigh in.

As everyone has their own opinion, mine is simple. It sounds like someone opened a big window and let the air come in. After All, January is the time for out with the old and in with the new. If it’s the sign of the apocalypse batten down the hatches and let’s see what mother earth has in store for us!


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