Last New Year’s Party Ever?

New Year’s Day Costa Rica Dancing

Costa Rica End Of The World 2012Many will gather at San Jose’s Parque Central today to mark the beginning of 2012, a New Year filled with hope and dreams. But as the dancing begins and the music plays, many will be wondering if this is the last celebration of its kind. Why you ask? Well the apocalypse is coming isn’t it?

Many believe that the ancient Maya priests calculated December 21, 2012 as the end of the world. This notion has been documented in books, warnings, claims and websites of course. The event has also taken on its own name, referring to the doomsday industry as 20120logy.

Anxiety about the apocalypse has been on the rise with such predictions by, most recently Harold Camping who predicted a day in May 2011 and later another in October of the same year (which obviously did not happen),  as the end of the world. 20120l0gy however, is different as it has some credibility with its roots in the ancient Maya people.

There were many native cultures in the Americas yet it has always been the ancient Maya who have captured the world’s imagination. They have always been considered to be mysterious and their disappearance from civilization has added to that mystic.

During Maya civilization, A.D. 250 to 900, thousands of artworks and hieroglyphic images were produced. The images recorded tales of the past world and despite being attributed with predicting the end of the world, their images did not reflect such an event. The Maya were focused on re-creating myth and ritual and not predicting the future.  Where the date of December 21, 2012 has originated as the end of the world is in the Maya perception of time, one of infinite cycles and not a clock clicking to doomsday.

Maya People Focus of 2012 Numerology

The Maya Long Count cycle consisted of more than 5,000 years. It is believed to have begun in August 3114 B.C. and it is due to end on December 21, 2012 or in Maya numerology This date was etched in a carved stone plaque found in the ancient ruins of Tortuguero, Mexico and this is how the doomsday predictions were generated. The finding of a carving in Izapa Mexico depicting a macaw, a caiman and an elaborately dressed man was interpreted as a cosmic map, and 2012ologists have attributed the depiction as a chart of the galaxy’s future, predicting a world changing galactic alignment in the 2012 sky. Most astronomers dispute this claim, indicating that such a phenomenon would be rare at a best prediction.

So why do so many want to believe in the doomsday theory? We are in persuit of the power of ancient wisdom.. that’s why. We are drawn to what we think was mysteriously coded way back when and we want to decipher it and find meaning. We have been brought up with notions of the end of the world in teachings, literature and artwork and if there is an opportunity to find the truth, then we want it.

The optimistic 2012ologists see the end of the world as a new beginning, a renewal and the birth of a better world. For now let’s enjoy the costumes, dancing and music in San Jose Parque Central. Today is an opportunity to enjoy ourselves in Costa Rica and not worry about what tomorrow will bring!


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