Bored In Costa Rica?

What To Do First On Your Vacation

Costa Rica Eco-TourismCosta Rica has always branded itself as a country that promotes eco-tourism. What does this mean for visitors to this bio-diverse country? It means the opportunity to see some of the best flora, fauna, marine and wildlife the world has to offer, all under one roof.

History has Christopher Columbus reaching this beautiful country and naming it the Rich Coast or as we now refer to it as Costa Rica but what was the explorer referring to?  Well Mr. Columbus thought that Costa Rica would have the same mineral riches as its surrounding neighbors which turned out not to be the case. Instead, what Christopher Columbus did not know was that Costa Rica riches were in its biodiversity, its expansive wildlife and the ultimate commitment by its inhabitants to preserve and maintain the riches of this beautiful country.

The Ticos of Costa Rica believe in Pura Vida or Pure Life. Protecting the land is key to these peace loving inhabitants who have chosen the preservation of the environment over the protection of their country. These peace loving Ticos have invested in their biodiversity instead of investing in arms and protection policies.

What attracts tourists to this country? Let’s start with the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts as your playground where you can enjoy beaches, water activities and of course surfing. What other country gives you such “water” variety. With over 1200 kms of coastline, there is definitely a spot with your name on it.

Wet Or Dry Season, You Decide

With two seasons, a green or “wet” season and a “dry” season, , you will have a year round tropical climate. The “wet” season with its humidity creates a greenscape that cannot be matched by any country. The “dry” season with its cooler temperatures signals the start of the tourist trek but there are also great opportunities to visit Costa Rica during the wet season that should not be ignored.

Adventures are a big draw for visitors to Costa Rica. You name it, they have it. From the extreme bungee jumping to white water rafting, Costa Rica has it all for the hard core and regular outdoor enthusiast. Nature also plays an important part in attracting tourists and whether you are a bird lover, wildlife enthusiast or sanctuary junkie, there are numerous attractions and adventures that are guaranteed to fit the bill.

As a small country (size) Costa Rica has enabled tourists to visit (more than once) to experience the treasures it has to offer. Eco-tourism has provided Costa Rica with economic stability while maintaining and protecting its natural assets. One visit will not be enough to experience Pura Vida. When planning your vacation in Costa Rica, remember to start thinking about your next visit!


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About the Author: Tee is Senior Editor of CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com and NBC's adventure dating series fans magazine LoveInTheWildFansMag.com, as well ascontributing editor to QRCodesUSA.org

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