Costa Rica Surfs Up Santa

Why Spend Christmas In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Surfing Santa ClausIf you are thinking of planning a vacation during the Christmas holiday season, then look no further than Costa Rica as your destination of choice. With the transition from the wet season to the dry season, Costa Rica is a great place to spend the holidays. It beats hanging out in the winter conditions of many North American and Canadian cities!

The Christmas winds of Costa Rica bring cooler, less humid and drier weather, and with many stuck in snow in North America, this is a perfect time to visit Costa Rica and see how Christmas is celebrated. There are many additional benefits to spending Christmas in Costa Rica including experiencing the Latin American culture and taking part in some great adventures.

There are also some  unspoken benefits to spending Christmas in Costa Rica and one of the best is not having to deal with the stress and strain of family get togethers, having a few drinks and then all hell breaking loose. Despite our ideal thoughts of great family gatherings… somehow they never seem to turn out that way.

Other benefits to spending Chirstmas in Costa Rica include; no turkey to cook. Why does everyone complain about turkey but always include it in their festivities?  Turkey is quite expensive in Costa Rica so why not start a new tradition, say a tamal Christmas feast prepared with a variety of meats or vegetables. Wash things down with Rompope or eggnog laced with dark rum or brandy. If you don’t want to experience authentic Costa Rican fare, many of the hotels and resorts offer special dinner menus and the best part is that you don’t have to wash up after yourself.

Ski The Surf in Costa Rica

Sand is like snow isn’t it? The great thing about it is that it is warm, soft and feels great between the toes in comparison to the cold, wet and toe numbing effects of snow. And the best part is that you can wear flip flops instead of those chunky, clunking boots that always seem to untie when you are treking along in the snow!

Christmas gift buying may actually turn out to be a pleasure. Instead of battling it out at the North American malls, try the Sarchi Market for some authentic and unique items to bring home. Guaranteed not to be a pair of socks or some underwear, Costa Rican artisans pull out the stops when it comes to their artwork.

One of the best reasons to spend Christmas in Costa Rica is the opportunity to expereince some unique adventures. Trade in the skis and snowboards for a zipline adventure down the mountains of Costa Rica or replace the snowboard with a surf board and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the rush of the waves. You never know who you may run into while riding the Costa Rica surf! Santa is that you? Feliz Navidad!


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