Costa Rica Marlin Mania

Fishing For Marlin? Head To Costa Rica

Costa Rica Marlin FishingAs the seasons change from wet to dry and if you want to be part of the excitement of fishing for one of these spectacular fish then look no further than Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast where marlin is in full force.

To catch a marlin is a fisherman’s dream. Not only is it a gorgeous fish to look at but it is also a prestigious catch and recently one lucky angler in Costa Rica had the honorary distinction to catch a 900 lb marlin, yes you read correctly!

The idea of reeling in a 900 lb marlin is daunting but marlin have a tendency to make part of the process a bit easier for the angler. They are not shy when it comes to chomping on bait unlike some of their other marine friends. If they want that bait, they are going after it full force and they rest is up to the angler.

900 lb Beauty!

The 900 lb catch was captured by Richard Chellemi off Guanacaste a few weeks ago. His strategy was to lure the marlin to his line by bating it with a dorado belly… sounds yummy, just want a marlin looks for. Several days later in the region of  Puerto Jimenez, a 650 lb marlin was also caught.

Marlin fishing in Costa Rica is considered to be one of the most challenging adventures for an angler. Considered to be at the top of their food chain in the oceans off Costa Rica, their capture is a feat that anglers want to aspire to.  Anglers obtain bragging rights by the capture of a marlin, testing their fishing skills and knowledge about these exotic and breathtaking species. In the case of angling for marlin its the best of man versus fish, you need to give it all you got as the marlin is up for the challenge and will give you all that they have in return.

Depending on the region, marlin fishing is available between November and March in Costa Rica. It’s worth the trip to Costa Rica. What are you waiting for? It’s prime time to experience Costa Rica marlin fishing!


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