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Exhibit Highlights Importance of Wild Cats

Costa Rica Felines in ArcheologyGet your mind out of the gutter gentlemen! The article is not about what you think its about, but rather about the newest exhibit on display at the Central Bank Museum http://www.museosdelbancocentral.org called Cats In The Archeology Of Costa Rica.When we think of Costa Rica in terms of wildlife we tend to focus on monkeys, turtles, macaws and the now famous sloths. Costa Rica is also home to jaguars, pumas, ocelots and lions just to name a few species and the exhibit traces back their origin in In Costa Rica to 300 BC – 1500 AD. The exhibit’s objectives include the identification of the various species present in Costa Rica and their representation in history. The exhibit showcases some 50 objects that have been collected and complied from the National Museum and The Museum of Jade to make it a joint effort and to present the importance of the feline in the history of Costa Rica and the plight of some of the species who are in danger of becoming extinct.

Artwork Traced Back To 300 BC

Visitors are taken through the exhibit and learn about the origins of the various species and the dangers they face in today’s world. The pieces that are on display are identified by species including modern day photos of the species for comparison. The exhibit also reflects the different styles of art and how the species were regarded based on the time period of the artwork. It also highlights the importance of the feline during the various time periods in terms of Costa Rica’s history. This exhibit would not be complete without addressing the myths and legends that these felines played in Costa Rican culture and folklore and the symbolism that they represented. In addition to the artifacts, the exhibit includes an interactive video presentation whereby visitors can become involved in the identification of the various species of felines and includes an educational presentation of the plight of the Jaguar and address extinction and endangerment of species through deforestation.

The exhibition will be on display until October 2012 and tickets are available through the museum’s website or on-site. Costa Rica is rich in its flora and fauna and wildlife. This exhibit is an opportunity for visitors to see the importance of the feline species to Costa Rica culture and its biodiversity.


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