“The Protester” Is Time’s Person Of The Year

What Does Costa Rica Have To Protest About?

Photo Courtesy Of Time MagazineThe protester, we have all seen him (or her), the one who expresses their objection by words and in most cases as seen around the world in this past year, by their actions. In the case of Time’s person of the year, the honor is bestowed on those en mass who have come together to influence public opinion against forms of governments and the greed of many organizations as in the most recent protests which were referred to as “occupy” protests and spanned across the world, including Europe, the United States and Canada.

So what does a country who has no army, has a motto of “Pura Vida” and who genuinely seems to be a happy country have to protest about? Well there are issues in this ever increasing tourist country.

This year Costa Rica’s government approved a plan for 7,000 U.S. Marines and 46 warships to enter into Costa Rica  airspace, land and coastal waters to fight to fight the drug and crime issues. What was strange about the whole agreement was that it was to end December 31 and that so many troops would be assigned to a country which is somewhat peaceful and who abolished their army, feeling they had no threats and thereby nothing required protecting. The move saw many protest the agreement seeing it as a challenge to Costa Rica’s sovereignty.

Most recently, Costa Rica demonstrated against the Social Security System. The protest last month by anesthesiologists who were seeking better working conditions resulted in the cancellation of many surgeries. The government eventually came to an agreement with the doctors. In addition to this protest, Costa Rica saw groups gather to bring to attention the work conditions of banana and pineapple workers, women’s rights and even their very own Occupy Wall Street protest which was held in San Jose.

Protests Lead To World Change

The year saw the world backlash against political structures, corruption, economic turmoil and and elitism, bringing out protesters. The world saw protesters come out from countries that would otherwise not be bothered, including Egyptians who toppled their government and Syrians who are currently under protest to do the same. With the risks of torture and imprisonment for most of these protesters in such countries, the stakes are high but the reward is even greater.

For Costa Rica, the protester has had his point and change has occurred as a result. We all want to be part of change and in the case of Costa Rica, it will be done in “Pura Vida” style. After all, Costa Rica is paradise but change if thought out and executed properly isn’t such a bad thing.


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