Crabby In Costa Rica?

Yeti Crab Pura Vida

Costa Rica Yeti Crab PuravidaEveryone knows that the term Pura Vida is used to describe the lifestyle and culture of Costa Rica and literally means plenty of life. Used as a greeting the phrase has taken on a new role and has been used to name a new species of the Yeti Crab affectionately now called Kiwa puravida or in the scientific world, K. puravida.

Named after the catchphrase of Costa Rica,  Kiwa is only the second species of the yeti crab to be found and identified in Costa Rica. Residing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of  the Nicoya Penninsula. Yeti crabs are an odd looking family of crabs and they are named for their hairy or furry arms resembling the abominable snowman. The furry arms however are integral to the crab’s survival, as the hairlike structures trap bacteria creating a source of food for the crustacean, basically their own portable food source.

Crab Dancing In Costa Rica

Researchers were initially surprised at the crab’s constant waving of its front claws but determined that the dancing like motion was not that of keeping the prey away but as a method to feed themselves the bacteria that was growing on the hairy arms. With every wave of their arms, the ocean water would mix up the bacteria on their arms, providing additional  sources for nutrients. Residing in the deep sea, almost 1,000 meters below, there is a minimal amount of food resources available to species living in such cold water and it is very interesting how such a crustacean has had the ability to adapt to its environment.

In all its diversity, Costa Rica continues to surprise the world with its findings. Already one of the top countries for an abundance of identified flora, reptiles, birds and other species, Costa Rica is clearly a country filled with Pura Vida. It’s great to see that the deep sea crabs are also included in the Costa Rica culture and lifestyle!


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