Mel Gibson Amends Costa Rica

Another Lawsuit Settled By Celebrity

Costa Rica Mel GibsonMel Gibson is on a roll to simplify his life and Costa Rica is the lastest beneficiary of his actions with a settlement regarding a land dispute that has been the center of discussions with the Municipality of Nicoya where the well known celebrity purchased an estate back in 2007.

The 163 hectare  property has been the under dispute regarding 39.4 hectares of the estate which were acquired illegally by the actor unbeknowst during the time of the purchase of the property. The parcel in question relates to a portion which was always designated as a public beach and it is believed that Gibson was deceived when he acquired the estate that the disputed parcel was part of his land.  The return of the land by the actor eliminates another lawsuit but does not completely leave Mr. Gibson in the clear.

Earlier in the year, Gibson was fined by the local government for constructing buildings on the property without the proper permits. In addition to fines the actor is in arrears on his taxes. The government has confirmed that they are not singling out the actor and that tax collection has become the focus of municipalities.

Costa Rica Hideaway No More

In late 2010, the actor decided to sell the property known as Hacienda Dorada for $35 million indicating that the property is no longer private and he cannot escape the preying eyes of the paparazzi. One of the last guests to visit the property was Britney Spears and the paparazzi was there to record the vacation. The home includes the main home containing 7 bedrooms and two separate two-bedroom homes, each with their own private pool. Fully staffed, the property includes hundreds of acres of rain forest and jungle. To read more about the property, visit http://costaricacloseup.com/2011/05/05/mel-gibsons-costa-rica-surfing-troubles/


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  1. C Patterson says:

    The trouble with reacing dizzying heights is that you can suffer a wicked fall.

  2. Tim B says:

    I don’t know if the report in the link is correct, I had heard that the disputed area was the 150 meter band known as the “zona maritimo terrestre” which comprises a 50 meter public zone and 150 meters which can, in certain instances, be leased out by the municipality to privately owned companies. I’m also guessing Mel Gibson “misunderstood” this when he bought, Mel’s “neighbor” who does own the concession is , I am sure , happy to sell it to him………

  3. Justin D says:

    YW! Just finish watching your piece on Mel Gibson’s land dispute
    5 hours ago · Like

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