Costa Rica Looks In The Mirror

Is The Reflection Positive?

Costa Rica CultureCosta Rica is emerging on the international scene and most recently launched its “Gift of Happiness” advertising campaign in hopes of attracting visitors from  the international community. The campaign features the best of Costa Rica through its spokesman… Mr. Sloth. But is everything coming up roses for this country that appears to have everything going for it…. well let’s see.

Costa Rica has just released its State of the Nation report. Complied by researchers from a variety of backgrounds including government agencies and universities and banking organizations and the Census department, the report provides a good picture of Costa Rica based on 2010 data.

Forks In Roads, Decisions To Make

Summarizing the findings, Costa Rica has come to a fork in the road. It needs to decide which path to take next. One of the decisions to be made for Costa Rica involves telecommunications. Most visitors and ex-pats understand the challenges faced in Costa Rica in terms of communicating with the outside world. With internet and cellphone use on the rise Costa Rica needs to re-evaluate its infrastructure in terms of providing for these modern day services. Is health care another sector to be re-evaluated. Is the social security adequate for the population or does it have to be re-examined.


Safety is also an important issue in Costa Rica’s future. The report indicated an increase in the homicide rate over the years of 2006-2010. The United nations gauges safety based on the number of homicides per 100,000 people. In Costa Rica’s case that number is 11, with an at risk rating for any number over 10 per 100,000. The good news is that the rise in the homicide rate can be attributed to organized crime.

Education is also a key component to the welfare of Costa Rica. With the average education of 8.8 years, Costa Rica has a long way to go. As a developing country, the education level is key to producing a skilled workforce that will attract the global market and jobs. Although funding for education has increased, improvement is required in Costa Rica’s quest to grow.

Finally the environment is another important aspect in the growth of Costa Rica. With a focus for carbon neutrality, reduction of pesticide use, and protests against projects such as the Crucitas gold mine project. The country is at a stage where it is important for the future of Costa Rica to be guided by social and political interests coming together to decide the next path for Costa Rica!


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