Wind Energy Costa Rica Style

Costa Rica Energy Sources Grow

Costa Rica Wind EnergyWith a focus of sustainability very much on the forefront of Costa Rica, its government and people, Wind Energy is quickly becoming the next expanding resource in Costa Rica. With companies such as Acciona investing in Costa Rica, those who have committed to bring this alternative source of energy are taking the road of go big or not at all.

As mentioned, Acciona Energia recently announced plans to build a wind park in the municipality of Tilaran, in the Guanacaste province on the north-western coast of Costa Rica. Committing to a total of 33 Acciona 1.5MW wind turbines, the joint venture between Acciona and Grupo Energia  expect to begin construction at the end of 2012 and have the turbines in service by the end of 2012.   It is expected that the wind farm will produce over 200 Gwh of energy on an annual basis.

This wind farm will join other current ventures in Costa Rica and Central America. The region of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Belize have seen a increase of over 120% in terms of the energy generated through wind turbines. The Honduran government recently announced an investment of over $2.1 billion in renewable energy projects. In addition to providing an alternative and viable source of energy, such initiatives will provide jobs to regions where jobs are needed.

Wind Energy Advantages Result in Growth

North American banks are securing the financing for various wind farm ventures in Central America and in conjunction with companies such as Acciona as mentioned, Amayo and Blue Power, the Central American renewable energy is quickly developing into a sought after region to build and finance wind farms.

It is expected that the largest producer of wind power will ultimately be Panama where Energy & Environmental Engineering Corp is expected to obtain approval to invest $720 million US into two power projects in La Colorada and Anton Sur. The expected output is said to provide over 90 megawatts to the country’s national grid.


Projects such as that of Acciona confirm that the future of wind power in Costa Rica is bright. With high winds in many regions of the country, Costa Rica is an appropriate country to increase the presence of wind farms. As Costa Rican society grows more familiar with this alternate engery generating source, wind energy in Costa Rica can only become more prevalent.


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