A Children’s Museum In Costa Rica?

Not Just For Kids

Costa Rica Childrens MuseumThe Children’s Museum (Museo de Los Ninos) in Costa Rica is not just a museum for kids. To begin with, it is located in a beautiful building that was once home to a military prison teaching children in this Latin American country that the foundation of their existence and culture is based in peace, not blood shed or military rule. Unlike other Latin American countries, Costa Rica has managed to maintain this mantra. The future for children in Costa Rica is one of education and not bloodshed.

Instead of tearing down the military barracks after the military was abolished in 1949, the majority were turned into museums and research facilities. The buildings remain a reminder of what could have been the future of Costa Rica had Don “Pepe” Figueres not abolished the military.

Exhibits Interactive And Fun For All

The military prison is a great spot for a Children’s Museum. The facility  features an abundance of exhibition rooms, activity centers that are housed inside and outdoors. The exhibits focus on a variety of themes including cluture, music and science. Activities include travelling through the history of Costa Rica, interact with a life size robot of Franklin Chang, as he tells of his experiences as a NASA astronaut and find out what it is like to conduct a symphony orchestra. The museum’s exhibits are as diverse as the people who have lived and called Costa Rica home.


With a strong determination to keep Costa Rica sustainable, exhibits focusing on the environment including glass recycling and sustainable city are being added to provide visitors with insight into the efforts that can protect the bio-diversity of Costa Rica.

The Children’s Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica is not just for children. It is a great Costa Rica vacation attraction that is fun for the whole family or for those who just want to become interactive and learn about some of the initiatives, culture and people of Costa Rica and their contributions to life and the world!


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