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Zoo Ave? What’s That?

Costa Rica QuetzalDespite all the nature, rainforest and birdwatching tours available in Costa Rica, the legendary Quetzal bird is a difficult find in Costa Rica. If this species is on your list of things to see in Costa Rica then head to the Zoo Ave, a wildlife rescue center where you’ll be guaranteed to see a live Quetzal.

The Zoo Ave http://www.zooavecostarica.org/ is not just another rescue center. The term “ave” means bird in Spanish and the facility is home to over 100 species of native birds, including the elusive Quetzal. As you walk the grounds, you will be greeted by rare Green and Scarlet Macaws, Ostriches, the King African Crane to name a few.  The 40 acre center is also home to sloths, iguanas and monkeys and over 150 different reptiles.

Off The Beaten Path Adventure

The variety of birds at this center are seized by authorities from individuals who have stolen the animals from the rainforest during nesting seasons and then attempted to sell them on the streets of Costa Rica. During nesting months, police are on high alert, looking for vendors selling exotic wildlife. Injured and donated species are also housed at the facility.

The center is recognized by Costa Rica as an official wildlife rescue center.It  also has a release facility in Piedras Blancas National Park where birds are released back into their natural habitat. Zoo Ave also has bred over 50 species of birds and released into areas where they were previously extinct. Specifically, the near-extinct Scarlet Macaw has been bred successfully and released into its natural habitat.


Zoo Ave is not on any tour bus stop so you will have to rent a car to get there. Located at La Garita de Alajuela, 30 minutes from San Jose off the Atenas exit. This is truly a Costa Rica adventure hidden jewel that cannot be missed!


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